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    Consul & Rubicon, Law firm LLC was founded by the lawyers practicing in the field of bankruptcy and liquidation in May 30, 2006 (state registration number 1063435051107, taxpayer identification number 3435078350, reason code of tax registration 343501001). During 13 years the companie's specialization is liquidation and bankruptcy of enterprises. 

    The basic principles of Consul & Rubicon are individual approach to every client and reliability, as we pay much attention to confidentiality and professional responsibility. 

    The basic asset of consulting market players is reliable reputation. We abide by this principle and expect all our employees to work thoroughly and in good faith. Pursuance of confidentiality rules is a pledge of our clients’ trust in us. 

    When a client contacts us, he/she expects high-quality and prompt provision of a service. Apart from meeting these expectations, we always try to exceed them. That is why our clients recommend us to their friends and business partners. This enables our development as a club-type consulting company, as we have recommended most of our clients to our business partners. 

   All our attorneys are not only the strong individual lawyers. We always work in team, that always helps us to create brand-new ideas and solutions. 

  We are ready to implement the full legal support of the bankruptcy procedure, not only in  Volgograd region, Moscow and in any region of Russia, including the following areas:

 1. Search for qualified court-appointed trustees in the Russian Federation. Development of recommendations on the optimal bankruptcy of the debtor (external management, bankruptcy proceedings), concept development and script chosen bankruptcy and legal support;

 2. The development of measures to prevent the bankruptcy of organizations;

 3. Analysis of transactions made with the assets of the company before the initiation of insolvency, to determine the prospects for their court challenge;

 4. Contesting the debtor's transactions with the aim of returning the property to the bankruptcy estate;

 5. Representing the interests of the creditor / debtor in the bankruptcy court, the creditors' meetings, shareholders meetings, in relation to the liquidator, the regulatory body, the self-regulatory organization;

 6. Collecting debts of the debtor;

 7. Legal protection of the business and assets of the debtor / creditor in a proceeding in bankruptcy.

    Our office is located on the third floor of the building at Lenin Avenue Building 20 V office 11 (Office Center "Staraya Ploshchad"), city Volzhskiy, Volgogradskaya oblast, Russian Federation, 404130 (postcode). 

Postal Address for correspondence:
Postcode 404130 Russian Federation,
Volgogradskaya oblast, city Volzhskiy
Lenin Avenue Building 20 V office 11
(Office Center "Staraya Ploshchad")

You can call and make an appointment:
- office phone +7 (8443) 41-28-81
- fax (automatic reception) +7 (8443) 41-28-82
- mobile phone +7-902-362-70-56

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WhatsApp +7-902-362-70-56 

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