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Working conditions and safeguards

Terms of cooperation.

  1. When you order a service, you must make an advance payment of 100 %.

  2. You can pay in cash or on account.

  3. We work exclusively within the law.

  4. We do not use the controversial schemes in our work. We do not work with questionable persons.

  5. When you choose a method of liquidation, we encourage you to review the materials presented on this web site and also you should consider the risks of vicarious liability.

  6. When you choose the such methods of liquidation as the "sale of the company" or "reorganization of the company," the company should not have debts to contractors.

  7. Your firm's debts to the budget should not exceed 5  million ruble, otherwise the former director and chief accountant may be subjected to criminal liability under Art. 199 Criminal Code of Russia.

  8. If you have a large debt to the contractors, the work is carried out only in the way of "bankruptcy."

  9. When you choose the "bankruptcy", the following conditions must also be met: the debt to contractors over 300 thousend rubles and inability to pay during 3 month.

Organization safeguards.

We guarantee:

  1. a formal agreement on legal assistance

  2. selection of an optimal solution to the problem, taking into account all possible risks

  3. implementation plan for your project

  4. our every action will be based on the article of the law

  5. no claims by the authorities after the completion of the liquidation

  6. regular information and report on the progress of work on the problem

Financial guarantees.

  1. We value our reputation. We all need to understand that in today's legal market reputation of the law firm is one of its greatest assets, which any self-respecting consultant cherishes most of all.

  2. Our responsibility is insured by The State Insurance Company OJSC «UGORIA» for 3 million rubles.

  3. In case of no result due to our fault, we guarantee a refund of 100%.

The guarantees of confidentiality.

LLC "Legal Company "Consul & Rubicon" will use the information from their customers to provide services on a confidential basis.

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